“Carmen has a wondrous way with horses. She’s gentle and proficient and even my standoffish gelding will lean in welcoming her touch.” – Kelly Lane

“Sully had that sore spot on his left side from Foxcatcher that I thought could use some additional help so I made an appointment with Carmen for just a few days before the next ride to make sure he was good to go again. He felt great after, and had no issues at Fort Valley itself, though found some similar soreness and rubbing from the pad a few days later. Carmen came out again this past weekend to give him some further relief and show me some techniques for helping any swelling dissipate quickly. Sully was quite happy with his massage and released several times. The spot on his back is now less sensitive and he is happily relaxing in his pasture waiting for me to decide if we are going to JD’s!” – Griffin Keller

Sully stretchSully and Carmen massage

Thank you RideSky Equine for keeping my boy comfortable so he can do his job happily! Charlie and I found Carmen about a year ago now, and I couldn’t be more pleased with her service. She is flexible, on time, and takes pride in her job. Charlie HATES strangers touching him, he’s always been very sensitive to touch, so it’s always been hard for him to handle bodywork. Carmen came out listened to my concern, and just took her time getting to know my boy. That was exactly what Charlie needed, and she is now able to give him deeper tissue massages which he enjoys. ❤️ To my local horse folks please reach out to her asap and set up an appointment for your equine friends, Charlie and I highly recommend her!! ☺️ – Hailey Paige Clifford and her Eventing horse Charlie