Winter doldrums

It has been a busy winter for us this year, and it is surprising that we are already making moves towards spring. I hope you all are keeping warm and getting ready for the beautiful spring weather that allows for more riding and hiking and playing and living outdoors.

Let’s show off our animal buddies! Post a photo or photo collage of you and your loved ones living life. Tell a story! Let’s get out of these winter doldrums and share the light and love.

Rosie and Kirstyn

Kirsten and Rosie 1

Kirsten and Rosie 2

Rosie and Kirstyn compete in local, regional, state and national shows in Eventing. Rosie, as a hardworking girl, is in excellent shape in order to perform at the top of her game. Along with conditioning and veterinary care, Rosie has regular massages that help prepare her for the rigorous demands of dressage, cross country, and hunter/jumper courses.

Rosie adores getting her massage, five minutes in and she’s stretching like a cat and letting out huge sighs of relief! I think I have a thing for chestnut mares, what do you think? 🙂

Dax & Beverly



Dax is a seven-year-old Tennessee Walker gelding who is the trusty riding partner, confidante, and beloved friend of his owner, Beverly. Even though they have only been together for a year, they have developed a good partnership and are endeavoring to ride in their first Endurance race next summer. Regular maintenance massages help Dax stay comfortable and performing at his best.

My favorite thing about Dax, besides his sweet personality, is that his coat shines with golden and flame highlights when kissed by the sun! He is truly the perfect shade of chestnut.

Moonshine & Dale


Moonshine is a successful endurance mare, placing in the top slots for most of her races. In the June 2015 Old Dominion 100 mile ride, she placed 11th in a large field of entrants. She and her rider, Dale Weaver, were awarded the rare and coveted Cavalry award, which is given to the horse and rider pair that completes the race without any outside help from crew or volunteers.

Moonshine gets a full body massage before and after a race, to ensure she competes at the top of her game and recovers well and rapidly.

Thank you, Dale, for entrusting Moonshine’s muscle fitness to Ride The Sky Massage!


Hello, and welcome to Ride The Sky Massage! I am a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Canine Massage Therapist. I offer full body massage for your special equine or canine athlete to help them perform at the best of their ability and give them a significant advantage, in competition and in everyday life.


Equine full-body evaluation and massage – $60

Canine full-body evaluation and massage – $50

*No travel fee if within approximately 50 miles of Charlottesville, Virginia. If outside of 50 mile radius, I request we schedule two or more massage clients for the trip, or I will need to add a travel fee relative to the additional mileage.

Carmen Allen-Henke, ESMT/CMT


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